Intern Follows Calling to Aid Youth in Juvenile Justice

Yahaira Alcantara


Yahaira Alcantara followed in the footsteps of juvenile probation officers in Harris County to aid youth in the criminal justice system.

Yahaira “Gabby” Alcantara witnessed juvenile probation in action in Harris County during her internship this spring.

Exploring Careers in Courts


Alumna Adriana Molina Morin oversees criminal appeals as deputy clerk for six judges on the 13th Court of Appeals in Corpus Christi.

Alumna Adriana Molina Morin grew up in the courts, beginning as a volunteer for the local justice of the peace in high school.

Study Examines Neurotransmitters Linked to Aggression and Anti-Social Behavior


David Gangitano and two students will spent the summer on a study examining the link between neurotransmitters and aggressive and antisocial behavior.

Sam Houston State University (SHSU) is taking a new multidisciplinary approach to understanding behaviors that contribute to criminal activity and mental health problems.

College Hosts 2017 Spring Commencement


The College hosted its own Commencement Ceremony in May, with about 450 bachelor, master and Ph.D. students walking across stage.

Due to the high number of graduates this spring, the College of Criminal Justice hosted its own Commencement Ceremony on May 12, with more than 450 students crossing the stage to receive bachelor, master and Ph.D. degrees.

CJ College #1 for Online Graduate Education

#1 Online CJ Graduate Education

U.S. News & World Report ranked the College of Criminal Justice as the top in the country for Online CJ masters’ programs.

Sam Houston State University offers the best online criminal justice program for graduate education in the nation, according to the 2017 rankings released by U.S. News & World Report (USNWR).

Sam Houston State Researchers Study DNA from Explosives

awards night


A study on new methods for identifying and recovering DNA from exploded bombs was published by faculty and students in the Department of Forensic Science.

Researchers at Sam Houston State University (SHSU) hope to unmask manufacturers of homemade explosives using new advancements in DNA technology.

CVI Begins Series on Sexual Assault on Campus

Campus Sexual Assault

The Crime Victims’ Institute initiated a series on campus sexual assault to explore high risk populations, bystander intervention, criminal justice responses and best practices.

The Crime Victims’ Institute at Sam Houston State University launched a new series of reports on sexual assault on college campuses, which will investigate high risk populations, bystander intervention, criminal justice responses, and best practices.

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