Recent Publications -- Fall 2016

Here is a list of publications recently produced by faculty, students and alumni of Sam Houston State University, College of Criminal Justice.

“President” De La Garza Returns to Washington

Sophomore Jordan De La Garza already served once as President in Washington, D.C., and in January he hopes to return for a second term.

Alumna Finds Niche at Child Protective Services

Melissa Brod (’92) originally wanted to be a probation officer after graduating from Sam Houston State University, but she discovered a more rewarding way to practice criminal justice.

Stop Violence Against Women During Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Victim Studies

Join us in recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month for the Clothesline Project Oct. 20 and 27 and for “Telling Amy’s Story” on Oct. 25.

The Clothesline Project
Oct. 20, 10am to 2pm (decorate)
Lowman Student Center Mall
Oct. 27, 9am to 2pm
Criminal Justice Center (display)

“Telling Amy’s Story”
Oct 25, 6 – 8pm
Lowman Student Center Theater

Dr. Buzzini Pinpoints Investigative Tool for Counterfeit Bills

Dr. Patrick Buzzini of the Department of Forensic Science received a National Institute of Justice grant to develop chemical signatures for counterfeit currency or questioned documents produced with inkjet printers that can help lead investigator back to the source. Dr. Buzzini is collaborating with the U.S. Secret Service on the project.

Be a Voice for Victims

Victim Studies Career Fair

In the CJ Lobby, Thursday Nov 3rd 10A.M. to 2P.M.

Victim Studies Career Fair
Thu, Nov 3

10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
CJ Lobby

Dr. Tasca Earns Prestigious National Institute of Justice Award

Dr. Melinda Tasca received the prestigious W.E.B. Du Bois Fellowship from the National Institute of Justice to investigate racial, ethnic, and gender disparities in the use of restrictive housing in correctional facilities.

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