CVI Continues Research Series on Victims' Issues

The Crime Victims' Institute publishes reports that bring important victim issues to the forefront. The following is a brief look at the most recent victim issues researched by the CVI.

Victimization of Immigrants

There is little published research on the victimization experiences of Asian and Hispanic immigrants to this country. That which does exist often is based on the impressions of police officers and district attorneys. There are some studies which look at a particular immigrant group, but few of these focus on one geographical area and the different ethnicities residing there. Because Houston has an ever increasing number of foreign-born residents, learning about their experiences is important to ensuring their safety and providing needed services. This report not only presents information on victimization experiences, but also on what influences whether victims seek assistance.

Personal Victimization of College Students

This report is based on the victimization experiences of a sample of college students at seven Texas universities. Students were invited to complete an online survey about their experiences during the past two years. This study was conducted because previous research has shown that persons between 16 and 30 years of age are at the highest risk for personal victimization. Of particular importance was the information given about victimization in dating, co-habiting, and marital relationships. Because the sample was drawn from Texas college students, the results have specific relevance for policymakers and victim assistance efforts at the state and local levels, and at college campuses across the state. It is our hope that the findings reported here will increase understanding of the conditions and situations that contribute to personal victimization among college students and lead to constructive ways to both prevent it and assist those who are victimized.

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