Major Cities Research Data

Larry Hoover

Data from the Major Cities Research Initiative is focused upon assessing two related programs: Dallas' "Hot Spots" Program, involving assignment of officers to 21 designated high-crime areas during at-risk times, and Houston's Crime Reduction Unit. Four years of crime, arrest, and call-for-service data has been obtained and, with considerable effort by Drs. Lawton and Zhang, "cleaned" and transposed into SPSS. Faculty and research assistants assigned to the project are in the process of analysis and composition of publications addressing the effect of focused crime reduction from several perspectives. The data is also proving useful for other purposes. Cooperating with Dr. Terrence Dunworth of the Urban Institute, a portion of the Houston data will serve to document the potential effect of crime reduction efforts by Target in neighborhoods contiguous to their stores. Dee Warren is employing another element of the Houston data to assess the impact of the absorption of Katrina evacuees upon the city.

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