New Faculty: Jeffrey A. Bouffard

Dr. Jeffrey A. Bouffard Dr. Jeffrey A. Bouffard joined the College as an Associate Professor in the fall of 2009. He previously taught at University of Maryland, Indiana University, North Dakota State University, and, most recently, at Washington State University, where he also served as the Director of the Criminal Justice Program and the Criminal Justice Graduate Coordinator. In his first semester with the College, he is teaching CJ 462, Substance Use and Abuse.

Dr. Bouffard is the recipient of over $700,000 dollars in research grants from such organizations as the Washington State Department of Community, Trade, and Economic Development; the North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation; and the National Institute of Justice. He has also been awarded an Archer Fellowship, Edwin H. Sutherland Fellowship, and a North Dakota State University Outstanding Research Award.

Dr. Bouffard's research interests include self-control theory, corrections and offender rehabilitation, and rational choice theory, which focuses on the concept of offender choice. "A lot of theories are about how social forces or different things push people to do crime," he says. "But we don't have a lot of theorizing that really incorporates the idea that when it comes right down to it, people just make choices. They decide to do bad things."

Dr. Bouffard received his Ph.D. (2000) in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland and an M.A. (1996) in Clinical Psychology from St. Michael's College. He also has a B.A. in Psychology (1992) from Suffolk University. His work has been published in Crime and Delinquency, Journal of Criminal Justice, Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, Justice Quarterly, and Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice among others. He currently serves as Co-Editor of the Western Criminology Review.

Member of The Texas State University System