New Faculty: Dr. William R. King

Dr. William R. King joined the College as an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice in fall 2009. He earned his Ph.D. (1998) and M.S. (1993) in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati. He also earned a B.S. (1992) in Criminal Justice with a minor in psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.

Dr. King previously taught at Bowling Green State University, where he also served as the Director of the Crime and Justice Research Laboratory as well as the Graduate Coordinator for the M.S. Criminal Justice program. Before that, he was a Research Associate at the Center for Criminal Justice Research at the University of Cincinnati. His research interests include forensics groups from organizational and theoretical perspectives, particularly relating to the development of performance standards for forensics labs.

"There are no clear metrics for determining if different crime labs are performing well or not," he says. "A lot of the metrics people propose--things like, 'Is the lab accredited or not? Is the examiner certified or not?'--are not really performance indicators. They're more the kind of things you do to improve performance. . . and in an absence of those clear performance indicators, it's not possible to say, 'That's a bad lab,' or 'that's a good lab.' "

Dr. King's publications have recently appeared in Criminology and Public Policy, Journal of Forensic Identification, Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, and Caribbean Journal of Criminology and Public Safety. He is currently teaching CJ 477 Special Topics in Criminal Justice: Criminal Justice in Film.

Member of The Texas State University System