LEMIT Partners with the Law Enforcement Mobile Video Institute

LEMIT is pleased to partner with The Law Enforcement Mobile Video Institute (LEMVI) to offer specialized training to Texas law enforcement on procedural and legal issues of police mobile video recording. LEMVI, a Texas Corporation, has developed the only law enforcement curriculum field-tested in multiple states to address the legal, ethical, and procedural use of in-car mobile video equipment.

Since mobile video recording started in the late 1980s, there have been several dramatic equipment and legal developments. Over the last five years in particular, the move has been to digital recording, opening up an entirely new set of legal issues with pre-event recording, wireless download, and server issues. The COPS office of the United States Department of Justice funded two programs to train police officers. One program trains state police officers from 48 states and another one hosts 21 regional training schools for local, county and state officers. However, these programs have not kept up with new training and research as departments adopt mobile video recording or make the leap to the newly developed digital video equipment. LEMVI has updated their curriculum to meet the challenges of these new equipment and legal issues.

The funding previously afforded this national project through the COPS office needs to be expanded to meet the needs of officers and agencies that are now either acquiring their first mobile video equipment or making the move to digital recording. Federal funding for law enforcement agencies will enable them to train their personnel with the knowledge needed to legally and effectively use this new technology. There are some 40,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States and many are moving to the use of in-car video equipment without the benefit of adequate training for their personnel on the legal, ethical and procedural use of this equipment.

Jim Kuboviak is Director of LEMVI and is also SHSU alum. Jim has also dedicated much of his legal career in the development of the copyright to all the materials produced over the past 22 years. He travels nationally and internationally to deliver mobile video instruction. However, Texas has benefited greatly from his dedication and determination to assist law enforcement in their video technology applications through his instruction.

On December 7-10, 2009, LEMIT will host "Establishing the Standards of In-Car Video Training for Law Enforcement since 1988," and in addition to Texas law enforcement attending, there will be international attendees from Japan. LEMVI has had students in the past from Canada, Guam, Australia and from all 50 states in attendance. This demonstrates how significant the use of video operations has taken off both nationally and internationally. The goal of this project is to have a mobile video educated trainer on staff of each law enforcement agency using mobile video equipment. Additionally, these trainers have the knowledge and background necessary to offer training to officers within their respective jurisdiction.

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