Real Talk with CJ: Boris E. Mason

Tuesday Feb 23, 2010
2:00 pm - 3:00pm
CJ Cafe (CJava)

Boris E. Mason attended Texas College in Tyler, TX, in the early ‘80s then transferred to Texas Sothern University in Houston. During that time he began working for AT&T and was assigned as a member of the AT&T Federal Systems Specialty Division, where he worked for the Government Security in the AT&T Fraud Protection and Surveillance Department. Still employed by AT&T, he transferred to Columbus and continued his education, earning a B.S. in Business and Marketing from Franklin University in 1994.

After numerous transfers, he came back to Dallas after 20 years to work at Dawson State Jail as a Corrections officer. While there his job description consisted of supervising a number of inmates and residents. After 4 years, he then transferred to Dallas County Juvenile Detention Center as a Supervisor. Currently, at the Henry Wade Juvenile Justice Center, he manages both pre-adjudication and postadjudication programs for the youth, such as the START (Short Term Adolescent Residential Treatment) program, is designed for probationers who significantly or consistently violate conditions of probation. The Program provides a 60 day intermediate sanction, residential treatment program for youth who are court-ordered to participate and develops the desire and skill set in youth to more effectively comply with the conditions of probation and in the long term, to develop the life skills necessary to more effectively deal with their daily problems, pressures, and challenges.

Mr. Mason’s goals are to deliver a system of intervention to young persons and families to Dallas County and teach discipline, an escape to a better life, but above all provide them with a reliable support system.

Member of The Texas State University System