Real Talk w/CJ: Charles Andrews, First Data Corp.

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Tue., Sept. 13, 2011
2-3 P.M.
CJava Cafe

Charles Andrews, Director of Security & Investigations at First Data Corp. USA_ Telecheck, will discuss his 30 year career in law enforcement, corporate security, business risk and consulting.

Charles E. Chuck AndrewsWith the help of local, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, Charles E. “Chuck” Andrews has been able to put hundreds of people behind bars and recover millions of dollars in restitution for the merchant and bank world.

As the Director of Security & Investigations for First Data Corp USA Telecheck, the world’s largest third party financial payment company located in Houston, Andrews works with thousands of law enforcement agencies and loss
prevention personnel in the investigation of fraud cases involving checks and financial transactions.

“We need to enlist the cooperation of law enforcement to make these cases,” said Andrews, a 1985 SHSU Alumnus. “We worked cooperatively with law enforcement last year and took hundreds of 'fraudsters' off the street and recovered untold millions in restitution.”

The lion’s share of his work focuses on organized crime, which often comes from manipulated account numbers, combined with identify theft via computer to purchase goods and convert it to cash for personal or organizational ill gotten gains. He also does internal investigations in the heavily regulated industry for violations of the law or violations of corporate policy.

Andrews has led a diverse career in criminal justice, beginning as a Law Enforcement Explorer at the age of 13 and earning a commission as a peace officer at the age of 19 while a senior in high school. He attended SHSU College of Criminal Justice and credits a Study Abroad trip with Dr. Raymond Teske to West Germany, Switzerland and France for sparking his interest in international culture and a realization that he could make significant change in this world.

Andrews had a successful career as a police officer in Colorado and Texas and attained the position of police chief. As the Director of Crime Prevention in Lafayette, Colorado, he was the youngest person across the globe to be named International Crime Prevention Officer of the Year.

"Crime prevention should be all the energy and focus of law enforcement," Andrews said. “It should always be the top priority. The second priority should be the response of getting violent people off the streets."

After a successful career as a police officer, Andrews turned his sights on the corporate world.

He joined The Dow Chemical Company in 2000 to learn more about running a business and got a second degree in chemical processing. Pulled away to be Vice President of Corporate Security and Operations in the finance and retail industry, he managed a $100 million company and sharpened his business acumen skills.

Andrews also has served as the law enforcement advisor to the Fox television series “Cops” and helped promote several new technologies to assist police and security, including a new bar code technology to help corporations find missing items internationally and the Ampel probe, a device to protect officers while searching a suspect’s pocket sand when picking up evidence at a crime scene.

"My career has always been all over the place – intentionally," Andrews said. "All the things that I have been involved in revolve around protecting officers, the public and corporate business."

He also speaks at national and international conferences, sharing his knowledge with law enforcement and private security organizations. He belongs to many key groups, such as the International Chiefs of Police Association, the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners and the American Society of Industrial Security International in Houston, where he serves in leadership positions.

Andrews stresses the importance of building relationships and said many of his professional contacts began right here at SHSU. "You will find my CJ class of 1982 – 1985 now serving as Chiefs of Police of major law enforcement agencies on the public side and on the corporate side, you will find them running little companies like Starbucks!"

"Relationships are key," Andrews said. “We get more done informally than we do formally between law enforcement and private security….It is important to keep up with those relationships and contact those people who can help direct you, help assist you and help advise you.”

Andrews said in criminal justice, learning is a lifelong process. He is currently pursuing an MBA in Security Executive Management at the University of Houston-Downtown and hopes to be teaching at the graduate level in the years ahead.

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