Directors Appointed for Online, Masters Programs

To address the growth in graduate and online programs, Dr. Vincent Webb, Dean of the College of Criminal Justice, recently named Dr. Gaylene Armstrong as Director of the Masters Program and Tessalyn Johnson as Director of E-Learning.

The College is serving about 1,000 online students this fall at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and the Master’s Program includes about 250 students, of which 77 enrolled this fall.

Both undergraduate and graduate students can pursue degrees through traditional classroom settings or through online classes, and graduate students also are offered a weekend option to complete the Criminal Justice Leadership and Management program.

The College currently offers Bachelor degrees in Criminal Justice and Victims Studies as well as Masters degrees in Security Studies, Forensic Science, Criminal Justice and Criminal Justice Leadership and Management for professionals as well as military police.

Dr. Gaylene Armstrong
Dr Gaylene Armstrong
The Master's degree in Criminal Justice Leadership and Management is offered in two different formats: online and weekend. It is geared toward students who are actively employed in criminal justice agencies and interested in advanced study specifically in leadership/management issues in criminal justice careers.

The Master's in Criminal Justice is geared toward the more traditional student engaging in career transitions who are interested in an end goal of non-research oriented criminal justice agency work. The College also maintain a strong Master's of Arts program as well that targets research-minded students aiming to advance knowledge within the criminal justice system .

Currently, only the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and the two Master’s in Criminal Justice Leadership and Management are offered online, with new online options expected to be introduced in the Fall of 2012.

“The Masters Program is designed to prepare students to conduct research and to actively participate in the development of knowledge in the areas of criminological theory, crime control and correctional and police administration," said Dr. Armstrong. “Some of the programs are designed for working professionals and offer traditional classes, online options or intensive weekend programs. The courses are taught by internationally-known faculty from the college.”

Dr. Michael S. Vaughn will continue to lead the Ph.D. program in Criminal Justice.

Tessalyn Johnson
Tessalyn Johnson
The College began offering the Bachelor of Science on Criminal Justice online this fall, with all of the major-specific classes available via computer. Students can complete their associate’s degree or first two years of core curriculum at Sam Houston State University or another institution of higher education and complete their degree via the computer.

The Online Masters of Criminal Justice Leadership for professionals and the military offer a flexible schedule, with two, 7.5 week courses per semester. The courses are taught by the College’s world renowned faculty and provide student-friendly delivery and learning platforms, with technical support available 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

“I am very pleased and excited to be appointed as the new Director for E-Learning here at the college,” said Johnson. “I am sure that with the development of new programs, such as the new MS in Criminal Justice as online and a new graduate certificate in CJ Leadership and Management, online student enrollment will continue to grow. The best part about an online education with our college is that we continue to offer the quality education our students are used to, now offered in an online format.”

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