Terrorism Expert Joins College of Criminal Justice

Dr. Stephen Sloan

A pioneering expert on international terrorism joined the College of Criminal Justice as a visiting professor.

Dr. Stephen Sloan, Professor Emeritus at the University of Oklahoma, has been a researcher in the field of international terrorism, crisis management, unconventional warfare and political violence for more than 40 years, offering the first college course on the systematic study of terrorism in 1975. He has worked with the military, police and security forces on the issue worldwide.

Dr. Sloan will teach two, Master-level courses in Security Studies this semester, including National Security and Crisis Management. The courses are designed to educate students about conflict, violence, warfare and terrorism and how it fits in the changing international environment. The classes will explore U.S. national and domestic security and will include exercises, command posts and simulations to let students experience a decision-making scenario.

“It’s a protracted form of conflict, and there is no decisive outcome,” said Dr. Sloan. “Ultimately, it’s a test of wills between governments and terrorists. To deal with it effectively, you have to know what it is so you don’t overreact to the images. It is a form of psychological warfare to spread fear and intimation to publicize the terrorists’ cause.”

In addressing terrorism issues, there is also the classic balance between civil liberties and national security. The classes also will study the key role of intelligence in the process.

Dr. Sloan was a professor of political science at the University of Oklahoma for 38 years and lived five blocks from the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City when it was bombed by domestic terrorist Timothy McVeigh. Dr. Sloan spent 10 days at the site providing media interviews and commentary.

As a graduate student at NYU, his initial focus of study was comparative governmentsand Southeast Asia. After he was caught in the middle of a coup attempt while visiting Indonesia in 1965, his interests turned to terrorism. His dissertation was on “The Study of Political Violence and the Indonesia Experience, ” which he turned into a book.

To better prepare for terrorist attacks across the globe, Dr. Sloan helped run full-scale simulations in countries like Korea, New Zealand, Germany and many others. He served as a consultant on counterterrorism and has written 13 books on the issue, the most recent Red Team and Counterterrorism Training with Robert Bunker.

Dr. Sloan was a Senior Fellow for the Aerospace Doctrine Research and Education at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, AL., and was a Fulbright Professor at Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu, Nepal. He also taught at Drew University and Upsala College in New Jersey and currently serves as a professor of terrorism studies at the University of Central Florida.

Dr. Sloan is a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the American Society for Industrial Security, the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the International Counterterrorism and Security Association. Dr. Sloan is married to Dr. Roberta Sloan, Dean of the College of Fine Arts and Mass Communition.

Member of The Texas State University System