SHSU Offers Survival Skills for the Workplace

Greg Monteilh, Career Services
Greg Monteilh is an employment specialist at SHSU Career Services.

For graduates entering the workforce in law enforcement, corrections, victim services, forensic science or private security, Career Services offered tips on professionalism and etiquette in the workplace.

The session, provided by SHSU Employment Specialist Greg Monteilh, gave students an insiders’ view of the issues and challenges they may face in the first jobs of their professional careers. This includes the unwritten rules or guidelines of an organization and key components for a successful careers.

“A lot of things you do now will help you in your professional career,” said Monteilh, who joined SHSU after retiring from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. “These are a set of rules that make you more polished and educated.”

Professionalism is a set of characteristics, strengths and values that provide good, quality service. It includes such elements as honesty, integrity, work ethic and customer service, Monteilh said.

To maintain professionalism in the workplace, employees should:

  • Keep private matters private
  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Not use e-mail, texting, instant messaging or the Internet for personal use on the job
  • Remember that office resources should not be used for personal use.

During a career, most employees will face issues on the job, such as making a mistake, facing criticism, being the victim of misperceptions, facing personnel changes and having stress. How you deal with these situations will be critical to your success.

Picture of a business meeting, with six participants smiling and shaking hands.On the job, it is important to create positive relationships by doing your work, being considerate and thoughtful of others, valuing your co-workers, playing fair and avoiding conflicts. Stress can be addressed through managing your time more efficiently, identifying stressors, asking for help, taking time, keeping perspective or developing support.

To handle or resolved conflicts, it is important to avoid negative office politics, like gossip, and protect yourself from sabotage from others by keeping a paper trail, by communicating and by sharing your accomplishments with others.

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