Daytime CJ Classes Available in The Woodlands

Daytime classes in criminal justice are now available in The Woodlands Center.Daytime classes in criminal justice are now available in The Woodlands Center. Photos by Brian Blalock.

The College of Criminal Justice now offers daytime classes at Sam Houston State University – The Woodlands Center.

“The Woodlands Center offers a convenient location and a partnership with Lone Star College to provide a top-rated education close to home and work,” said Dr. Janet Mullings, Executive Director of the new SHSU center. “Our programs are delivered by our world renowned faculty as well as professionals in the field who bring real-world experience from a variety of area agencies.”

Students study in the Woodlands Center.This fall, the College will begin offering four criminal justice classes during the day at the new Woodlands Center, including Substance Use & Abuse, Crime Scene Investigation Techniques, Police Strategies or Research Methods. With joint admission available at Lone Star College, this will enable students to seamlessly take classes at a single location to earn their associate and bachelor degrees.

The 144,000 square foot satellite campus has all the conveniences available in Huntsville, including classrooms, amenities and services. It features 33 high tech classrooms with saturated WiFi, a 120 seat auditorium, four computer classrooms and an 80 seat computer lab. The site also provides library services, study areas, a testing center, community counseling, continuing education and a food pod.

A student lounge at the Woodlands Center. “All of our services are right here,” said Dr. Mullings. “At the One Stop Center, you can get information on admissions, registration, academic advising and financial aid and scholarship.”

In addition to the daytime classes, the College also has evening selections, including White Collar Crime, Violent Offenders, Forensic Science, Intro to Methods of Research, Global Terrorism and Homeland Security, Substance Use and Abuse, Interviewing and Counseling, Police Strategies and Criminal Justice and Social Diversity. Additional classes will be available in future semesters.

The classes are led by faculty from the Huntsville campus as well as professionals in the field, who put theory into practice on a daily basis.
Daytime classes in criminal justice are now available in The Woodlands Center.“It is a great and exciting place to begin your future career in the criminal justice field,” said Dr. Mullings.

The Woodlands Center also offers classes in other disciplines, making it the perfect place to complete your degree.

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