Joining the SHSU Family of Graduates

A record number of students graduated from SHSU in May.

Sam Houston State University – and the College of Criminal Justice – graduated a record number of students in the Spring and Summer semesters in 2012.

Since May, the College of Criminal Justice has added 10 new Ph.D. graduates, dozens of new Master’s graduates from traditional, online and weekend programs, and scores of bachelor’s graduates. In addition, 15 ROTC cadets – including 12 criminal justice majors -- were commissioned as officers in the U.S. Army.

“On behalf of the faculty and staff, we want to congratulate you on your accomplishments,” said Dr. Vincent Webb, Dean of the College of Criminal Justice. “We are proud of you and are pleased to have been a part of your life and hope we will continue to be a part of your life. We want to thank you for being part of our family at SHSU.”

Kim Schurbush gets her Ph.D. hood.
Kim Schurbush gets her Ph.D. hood.
Joining the ranks of Ph.D. graduates in 2012 were Abdullah Cihan, Hector M. Garcia, Joshua Hill, Youngoh Jo, Joongyeup Lee, Robert M. Pullin, Brenda Rowe, Kim Schnurbush, Ji Seun Sohn, and Ling Wu.

Dr. Cihan did his dissertation on “The Effects of Community Characteristics on Police Response Time to Crime: A Multilevel Analysis.” His committee chair was Dr. Larry T. Hoover and included members Drs. William King, William Wells, and Yan Zhang. Dr. Cihan will be an Assistant Professor at East Carolina State University in Greenville, North Carolina.

Dr. Garcia, who works at the Houston Police Department, did his dissertation on “The Effects of Assimilation on Hispanics and Their Opinion of Local Police.” His committee included chair Dr. Jihong (Solomon) Zhao and Drs. Dennis Longmire and Zhang.

Dr. Hill’s dissertation was “Statistical and Machine Learning Techniques for Dealing with Missing Data in Criminal Justice: A Simulation and Comparison of Missing Data Methods.” His committee was chaired by Dr. Willard Oliver and included Drs. Scott Menard and Cortney Franklin. Dr. Hill is an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Security Studies at Tiffin University in Ohio.

Dr. Jo’s dissertation was “The Development of Self-Control: Source and Stability of Self-Control,” His committee consisted of Chairman Dr. Todd Armstrong and members Drs. Leana Bouffard and Zhang. He is an Assistant Professor at the State University of New York (SUNY) in Brockport.

Four of the Ph.D. graduates include (l to r) Kim Schnurbush, Robert Pullin, Ji Seun Sohn and Hector Garcia.
Four of the Ph.D. graduates include (l to r) Kim Schnurbush, Robert Pullin, Ji Seun Sohn and Hector Garcia.
Dr. Lee’s dissertation was on “Examining Labeling Theory of Deviance: Integrative Modeling for Appropriate Validation.” His committee was chaired by Dr. Menard and members included Drs. Leana Bouffard and Jurg Gerber. He is employed by the School of Public Affairs at Pennsylvania State University in Harrisburg and Middletown.

Dr. Pullin did his dissertation on “Social Environmental Influences on Citizen’s Perceptions of the Police.” His committee consisted of Drs. Longmire (chair), Steven J. Cuvelier and Howard Henderson. Dr. Pullin works as an Assistant Professor of Border Security at Angelo State University in the Department of Security Studies and Criminal Justice.

Dr. Rowe’s dissertation was “Police-Prosecutor Interaction Styles in Texas, as Perceived by Police Chiefs.” Her committee consisted of Chairman Dr. Hoover and members Dr. Travis Franklin and Dr. Wells.

Dr. Schnurbush’s dissertation was on “Wrongful Convictions: A Conceptual Framework for Understanding Police and Prosecutor Misconduct.” Her committee was chaired by Dr. Longmire and included members Drs. Cuvelier and Henderson. Dr. Schnurbush is currently teaching at Hodges University in Naples, Florida.

Dr. Sohn did her dissertation on “Predicting Houston Residents’ Perceptions of the Houston Police Department.” Her committee included Chair Dr. Phillip M. Lyons Jr., with members Drs. Menard and Zhao.

Finally Dr. Wu’s dissertation was on “Space-Time Interaction between Repeat/Near-Repeat Shootings and Police Firearm Arrests in Houston, Texas.” Her committee was chaired by Dr. Wells with members Drs. Hoover and Zhang. She is an assistant professor in the College of Criminal Justice at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law in China.

The College of Criminal Justice currently offers six different Master’s options, with many of the degrees offered online or through weekend options. These include: an MA in Criminal Justice and Criminology and MS degrees in Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, Security Studies, and Criminal Justice Leadership and Management. The College also offers BA and BS degrees in Criminal Justice and in Victim Studies.

The 15 ROTC cadets commissioned by the U.S. Army.
The 15 ROTC cadets commissioned by the U.S. Army.
The Bearkat Commissionees in the U.S. Army are Jessica S. Abbott, Shane G. Coleman, Nico F. D’Amato, Michael P. Duval, Michael J. Feagan, Toby G. Fruge, Jared M. Gantt, Elizabeth S. Hilty, J. Elias Moreno, Connor C. Power, Janie Salazar, Carolyn J. Tatum, Adam J. Weidner, Anthony A. Wilson and Trey D. Withington. They will serve as Second Lieutenants in various branches of the Army, including Transportation Corps, Infantry, Quartermaster, Aviation, Signal Corps, Engineer, Military Intelligence, and Military Police.

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