Anti-Fraud Club Forming at SHSU

logo for the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

A new student organization is forming at Sam Houston State University for those interested in careers as anti-fraud specialists in government, insurance, investigations, white collar crime and cybercrime, just to name a few.

A new chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners is forming at Sam Houston State University and it will hold an information meeting for the organization on Tuesday, Oct. 2 at 6 p.m. in the Smith-Hutson Business Building in Room 341. The interdisciplinary club will be affiliated with the Houston chapter of the organization, which provides networking, education and training for such careers as internal and independent auditors; accountants; law enforcement; investigations; consulting; governance, risk and compliance; computer forensics and IT security; law; and loss prevention.

Image of magnifying glass over page full of numbers.The organization is being founded by Cynthia Hoffzimmer, a SHSU Master’s graduate in Accounting, who pieced together classes to develop her specialty in forensic accounting. Hoffzimmer said SHSU has all the program elements to develop the specialty and she wants to help future students interested in the discipline.

“I want to leave a legacy, “said Hoffzimmer. “There is very little forensic accounting education in the world and Sam Houston already has many of the things needed to support a forensic accounting program.”

Hoffzimmer’s interest in the field grew out of her own personal experiences working in small businesses. Without many internal controls, many small businesses suffer great losses, said Hoffzimmer.

Picture of the back of a handcuffed man in business suite holding money.The Association of Certified Fraud Examines has 160 chapters worldwide and boasts 55,000 members. The organization provides information and resources on new developments in the field, as well as scholarship and internship opportunities in anti-fraud industries. The organization also provides access to industry publications and blogs as well as a free download of a manual to prepare students to be certified as Fraud Examiners.

A Fraud Examiner certification denotes expertise in four areas of fraud, including financial transitions and fraud schemes; law; investigations; and fraud prevention and detection. It is recognized across the globe.

Image of Police yellow tape with magnifying glass and fingerprint.Among the majors that may be interested in the organization are Accounting/ Finance, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Digital Forensics, MIS and Security Studies. The advisors to this club include Dr. Jurg Gerber of the College of Criminal Justice and Mr. Andy Bennett of Digital Forensics.

In addition to organizing the new student organization and selecting leaders, the first meeting will feature Ryan Hubbs, President and Faculty member of the Houston Chapter of ACFE, who is the Forensic Audit Manager for Halliburton in Houston. He will discuss careers available in the field.

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