Discover Careers in Corrections at New Web Site

A correction officer interviews an inmate outside prison doors.

A new web site was launched earlier this year to help the public discover the wide variety of careers available in corrections.

A collaborative effort among The Council of State Governments/American Probation and Parole Association, the American Correctional Association, the American Jail Association and the Center for Innovative Public Policies, provides in-depth information about careers in corrections and provides job listing from 187 agencies across the country. The project was funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance.

“It is designed to address the critical workforce issues in corrections,” said Mary Ann Schmitz-Mowatt, a content developer for the site. ”People can learn that corrections is a viable and interesting field. This is a career field that individuals who are just coming into the work force can explore. It is also an attractive second career for those retiring or completing their service to the military.”

A probation officer instructs a probationer.Three core disciplines of corrections, community corrections, jails and detention, and prisons and institutions, are all featured on the site. Community corrections revolves around monitoring defendants and other people under supervision and offering them access to programs and services to discourage future law-breaking behaviors and facilitate behavior change. Jail and detention centers house those awaiting trial, those serving short sentences or those awaiting transfer to another facility. Finally, prisons and institutions house inmates serving more than a year and play an important role in educating and rehabilitating individuals. includes the types of positions available within each of the core disciplines, the skills and qualifications to perform those jobs, the qualifications for applying, and the training required. It also highlights quick facts about corrections in each state and tips for getting a job.

Discover Corrections logo also offers a free, nationwide resource for posting jobs in the correctional field, from entry level to supervisory. It includes traditional jobs found in the criminal and juvenile justice fields (e.g., probation officer, parole officer, correctional guard, etc.), as well as nontraditional jobs that can be found in corrections, such as education, medical, dental and mental health services; policy, research, planning and evaluations; maintenance and operational services; office management, accounting and finance; human resources; nutrition and food services; and information and technology.

To date the site has more 300 job listings and includes 15 agencies in Texas. Among those currently hiring are the federal Bureau of Prisons in Grand Prairie, Lasalle Southwest/Burnett County Jail, and the Midland County and Travis County Sheriffs’ Offices.
Detention officer serves in a jail.

The site has many ties to the Correctional Management Institute of Texas. Christie Davidson, Assistant Director of CMIT, participated in the focus group for the new site in 2010 as a representative of the National Association of Probation Executives, for which CMIT serves as secretariat. One of the principal partners, Susan McCampbell of the Center for Innovative Public Policies, Inc., is the lead instructor for the National Jail Leadership Command Academy at CMIT. Many of the correctional agencies have been involved in training and leadership programs at CMIT.

The site also includes firsthand accounts from people working in the field. Called “Stories from the Field,” this feature provides insight in jobs and career paths in corrections. It also offers comprehensive links to government and, non-profits in the field and other job sites.
Officers badge and cuffs

The site also includes relevant media in the field, including videos on jobs and perspectives of inmates returning home after incarceration; links to blogs and podcast from the BJA, DC Public Safety, Reentry Radio and the NY State Division of Criminal Justice Services and public service campaign.

While prospective job seekers can view job listings free of charge, registration is encouraged to search for designated criteria or to be notified about job openings. Therefore, go to and click on Find Your Career to register.

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