Recent Publications

Here is a list of publications recently produced by faculty, students and alumni of Sam Houston State University, College of Criminal Justice.

Armstrong, G.S., Longmire, D., Dretke, D.J., & *Steinmetz, K. (2013). Impediments of labor contracts on prison administrators’ response to staff-inmate sexual misconduct. Criminal Justice Policy Review. Advance online publication.

Barnes, J.C., Beaver, K.M., & Boutwell, B.B. (2013). Average county-level IQ predicts county-level disadvantage and several county-level mortality risk rates. Intelligence, 41(1), 59-66.

Beaver, K.M., Wright, J.P., Boutwell, B.B., Barnes, J.C., DeLisi, M., & Vaughn, M.G. (2012). Exploring the association between the 2-repeat allele of the MAOA gene promoter polymorphism and psychopathic personality traits, arrests, incarceration, and lifetime antisocial behavior. Personality and Individual Differences, 54(2), 164-168.

Boisvert, D., Stadler, W., Vaske, J., Wright, J.P., & Nelson, M. (2013). The interconnection between intellectual achievement and self-control. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 40(1), 57-79.

Brown, J.M., &**Sorensen, J.R. (2012). Legal and extra-legal factors related to the imposition of blended sentences. Criminal Justice Policy Review. Advance online publication.

Caudill, J.W., Getty, R., Smith, R., Patten, R., & **Trulson, C.R. (2013). Discouraging window breakers: The lagged effects of police activity on crime. Journal of Criminal Justice, 41(1), 18-23.

Cramer, R.J., Gorter, E.L., Rodriguez, M.D.C., Clark, J.W., Rice, A.K., & Nobles, M.R. (2013). Blame attributions in court: Conceptualization and measurement of perpetrator blame. Victims & Offenders, 8(1), 42-55.

Decker, S.H., Melde, C., & Pyrooz, D.C. (2012). What do we know about gangs and gang members and where do we go from here? Justice Quarterly. Advance online publication.

Franklin, C.A., Bouffard, L.A., & Pratt, T.C. (2012). Sexual assault on college campus: Fraternity affiliations, male peer support and low self-control. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 39(11), 1457-1480.

Gann, M.C., **Sarver, R.A., **Sarver, M.B., & del Carmen, A. (2012). Perceptions of alcohol consumption: An examination of undergraduate students’ perception of harmful alcohol consumption as a social problem and its relationship with crime. Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice, 8(2), 159-172.

**Hemmens, C., & Saxon, C. (2012). Recent legal developments: Criminal justice decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court, 2011 Term. Criminal Justice Review, 37(4), 542-558.

Jackson, A.L., **Blackburn, A.G., Tobolowsky, P., & Baer, D. (2012). An examination of guilt, shame, empathy and blaming among a sample of incarcerated male and female offenders. Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice 8(1), 4-17.

*Koeppel, M. (2012) Gender sentencing of rural property offenders in Iowa. Criminal Justice Policy Review. Advance online publication.

**Lee, J., Zhang, Y. & Hoover, L. (2013). Police response to domestic violence: Multilevel factors of arrest decision. Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management, 36(1).

Marion, N.E., & Oliver, W.M. (2012). Going symbolic: Presidential use of symbolic rhetoric in crime control policy. Criminal Justice Policy Review. Advance online publication.

**McShane, M.D., Williams, F.P., & Peters, K. (2012). Female parole absconders: Considering the necessity of a separate risk instrument. Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice, 8(2), 112-136.

Orrick, E.A., & **Morris, R.G. (2012). Do parole technical violators pose a safety threat? An analysis of prison misconduct. Crime & Delinquency. Advance online publication.

Pyrooz, D.C. (2012). Structural covariates of gang homicide in large U.S. cities. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 49(4), 489-518.

*Steinmetz, K.F., & Tunnell, K. D. (2013). Under the pixilated Jolly Roger: A study of online pirates. Deviant Behavior, 34(1), 53-67.

Titterington, V.B., & *Jeanne Subjack. (2012). Margo Wilson’s influence continues: A Research note on the sex ratios of killing (SROKs) in Texas’ six largest cities. Homicide Studies, 16(4), 379 - 391.

**Vandiver, D.M., Bowman, S., & Vegan, A. (2012). Music piracy among college students: An examination of law self-control, techniques of neutralization and rational choice. Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice, 8(2), 92-112.

Vieraitis, L.M., Piquero, N.L., Piquero, A. R., Tibbetts, S.G., & **Blankenship, M. (2012). Do women and men differ in their neutralizations of corporate crime. Criminal Justice Review, 37(4), 478-493.

Bold: Faculty
*: Doctoral Students
**: Alumni

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