Celebrating 50 Years of Service: Texas Legislature Approves Bill

The Texas Capital in Austin.

House Resolution 469 was enacted on May 17, 1963 by the 58th Texas Legislature creating the Institute of Contemporary Corrections and Behavioral Science at Sam Houston State University. The bill was championed by Rep. David Crews of Montgomery.

WHEREAS, Sam Houston State College and the headquarters of the Texas Department of Corrections are located in Huntsville, Texas; and

WHEREAS, The proximity of these institutions appears to place Sam Houston State College in a uniquely favorable position to utilize the resources of the Texas Department of Corrections in developing an outstanding program of training and study in the exploration of crime as a social phenomenon, rehabilitation of criminals, and related subjects; and

WHEREAS, The development of such a program would be of great benefit to the people of this state and nation; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, By the House of Representatives of the State of Texas, That the administrative staffs of these institutions be directed to explore cooperatively the feasibility of developing a continuing program of statistical research, training and study in criminology, penology, juvenile delinquency and related fields, and in particular to explore the feasibility of instituting a broad program to include:

(1) training for graduate and undergraduate students interested in preparing for careers in various correctional areas of crime and control and in correctional administration;

(2) workshops and training institutes for the continued professional training of those already employed in specialized correctional programs and in the management of correctional institutions;

(3) consultation and technical assistance to correctional agencies in program development, personnel training, and institutional management;

(4) promotion of research, demonstration projects, and surveys of pertinent problems in the fields of delinquency, crime, and corrections; and be it further

RESOLVED, That this initial survey be conducted without the appropriation of additional funds for that purpose; and, be it further

RESOLVED, That the administrative staffs of these institutions be directed to submit a report on this matter to the 59th Legislature of the State of Texas no later than one week after that Legislature formally convenes.

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