Celebrating 50 Years of Service: Dean Vincent Webb Creates Three Departments at College

Dr. Vincent Webb, Dean of the College and Center from 2006-2014, set the College of Criminal Justice on a new path by creating three departments to illustrate the diverse career and academic paths in Criminal Justice.

During his tenure, Dr. Webb ushered in many new changes and initiatives at one of the oldest and larger criminal justice programs in the country. To demonstrate the extensive specialties available in the criminal justice field, he created three distinct departments to guide students in their chosen fields, including Criminal Justice and Criminology, Forensic Science and Security Studies. He also recruited new faculty in diverse areas of research, including emerging disciplines in biosocial, victimology, homeland security, and forensic science.

Dr. Webb led the College, one of the largest academic programs in criminal justice in the country with more than 40 faculty members, as well as the George J. Beto Criminal Justice Center, a highly integrated facility which incorporates a number of research and professional training institutes, including the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Training Institute of Texas, the Correctional Management Institute of Texas and the Crime Victims’ Institute, to name a few.

Dr. Webb also was successful at establishing new institutes in the field, including the Southeast Texas Applied Forensic Science Facility, one of only six "body farms" in the world for forensic anthropology research and an independent crime lab to assist jurisdictions in the area with toxicology and illegal substance testing. He also oversaw High Incident Drug Area (HIDTA) program for the Office of National Drug Control Polices as well as Project Safe Neighborhoods funding for police departments. Finally, he administered Impaired Driving Initiatives, a Department of Transportation funded program to get drunk and drugged drivers off the road by training law enforcement, school officials, employers and probation and parole officers to recognize the signs of impairment.

Here are some other programs established under Dr. Webb:

  • Initiated the Ph.D. in Forensic Science and master's degrees in Security Studies, Forensic Science and Victim Services Management.
  • Started online degree programs at the College, including bachelor's degrees in Criminal Justice and a master's degree in Criminal Justice Leadership and Management
  • Introduced the Criminal Justice Career Fair
  • Established dual degree program with Zhejiang Police College in China
  • Won Outstanding Book Award from Academy of Criminal Justice Science for co-authoring Policing Gangs in America
  • Implemented programs to train and educate law enforcement and corrections officials from other countries
  • Began the Major Cities Research Initiative, which targets research and development programs to control crime in the state’s six largest cities

"It has been a real privilege to serve as Dean and Director since coming to Sam in 2006," said Dr. Webb. "This faculty and staff have been great to work with -- they simply are the best! The criminal justice/center faculty, staff, and alumni can take pride in all that they have accomplished and they can look forward to a very bright future."

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