CMIT Adds New Secretariat Organization, Staff

The Correctional Management Institute of Texas added a new secretariat post, expanding its diversity in serving the correctional field, as well as new staff members to address the growing need for training professionals in prisons, jails, community corrections, probation and parole.

The Texas Corrections Association (TCA) is the ninth professional organization that will utilize CMIT to assist with the day-to-day operations of their organizations. The TCA represents more than 300 professionals in Texas, including employees at correctional institutions, county corrections, courts, and residential treatment as well as probation and parole agencies. The association is dedicated to enhancing and building the corrections profession, raising public awareness and support for the profession, promoting ethical practices, creating opportunities for education and training, and protecting communities through citizen support.

“TCA serves as an umbrella association for all of corrections and provides a great networking opportunity for everyone in the field,” said Christie Davidson, Executive Director of TCA.

CMIT also serves as secretariat to eight other state, national and international organizations, including the Association of Paroling Authorities International (APAI), National Association of Probation Executives (NAPE), National Juvenile Court Services Association (NJCSA), Texas Association of Court Administrators (TACA), Texas Association of Drug Court Professionals (TADCP), Texas Jail Association (TJA), Texas Probation Association (TPA) and the Texas Chief Deputies Association (TCDA).

“Joining a professional association is an excellent way to improve yourself as a professional in the field,” said Davidson. “They offer various training and networking opportunities that keep you current in the field and at the top of your game.”

CMIT is charged with enhancing adult and juvenile community and institutional correctional agencies through professional development, training, technical assistance, and research. To fulfill its mission, CMIT recently hired five new employees to assist with programs and secretariat duties.

Among the new employees are:

  • Tiaya Ellis serves the Mid-Management Leadership Program, Emergency Preparedness Training, the annual Drug Impact Conference, and the TPA.
  • Amber Gregory serves the New Chief’s Program, Deputy Director’s Program, and the TADCP.
  • Ashley Koonce serves the Warden Peer Interaction Program, Senior Level Leadership Program, the annual Gangs Conference, and APAI
  • Bree Patranella serves as the administrative associate to CMIT’s executive leadership as well as the office manager for CMIT operations
  • Michaelanne Teeters serves the Adult Certification Trainings, Motivational Interviewing Training Academy, Foundation Skills Training for Trainers, and International Delegations.
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