College Awards Degrees to 300 in December

About 300 students graduated from the College of Criminal Justice in December, earning bachelor, master, and Ph.D. degrees in criminal justice, victim studies, and homeland security studies.

Drs. Mary Elizabeth Smith and Elishewah Rosa Weisz were awarded their Ph.D. degrees, 33 earned masters’ degrees, and about 275 were presented bachelors’ degrees from the College during Commencement ceremonies on Dec. 9.

Dr. Smith’s dissertation was on “Age-Graded Thrill Seeking, Companionship, and Informal Social Control Among the Clients of Street Prostitutes.” Her committee was chaired by Dr. Jurg Gerber and included members Drs. Janet Mullings and Leana Bouffard. Dr. Smith accepted an Assistant Professor position with the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Dr. Weisz’s dissertation was entitled “Stolen Valor: The People Who Commit Military Impersonation.” Her committee was headed by Dr. Mitchel Roth, with members Drs. Steven Cuvelier and Willard Oliver.

Fourteen students were conferred Master of Science degrees in Leadership and Management Online, which is designed for working professionals seeking advancement in their careers in the criminal justice field. Seven students received their Master of Science in Victim Services Management, which prepares graduates to work in direct services, organization management, and social policy development in the victim services. Six students were granted Master of Science in Criminal Justice degrees, which assists those seeking careers in law enforcement, corrections, securities, or social services. Four students graduated with a Master of Science degree in Homeland Security Studies, which prepares graduates for public and private sector positions in the Homeland Security Enterprise. Two students earned Masters of Art in Criminal Justice and Criminology, a multi-disciplinary approach to behavioral science that examines theory, crime control, legal issues, and police and corrections administration.

Undergraduates were awarded degrees in criminal justice and victim studies, which can be used in a wide variety of professions in the field.

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