Real Talk w/CJ: U.S. Secret Service Agent Corbin Rowe

Real Talk

Special Agent Corbin Rowe of the U.S. Secret Service will discuss his 20-year career with the federal agency.

Real Talk w/CJ: Special Agent Corbin Rowe, U.S. Secret Service
Wed, Feb 8, 2016
2:00 pm
Hazel B. Kerper Courtroom

Corbin Rowe has served as a Special Agent with the U.S. Secret Service for 20 years.
As a Special Agent in Salt Lake City, UT, Boise, ID, and Cheyenne, WY, Rowe was responsible for protecting dignitaries, investigating and preventing counterfeit currency, and safeguarding the payment and financial system of the U.S. from financial and computer-based crimes. He now serves as a recruiter for the Houston office.

The Secret Service is recognized for the physical protection it provides to the nation’s highest elected leaders, visiting foreign dignitaries, facilities and major events. In order to ensure a secure environment for protectees, the Secret Service integrates a variety of innovative technologies and maintains a highly skilled and motivated workforce.

Using advanced countermeasures, the Secret Service executes security operations that deter, minimize and decisively respond to identified threats and vulnerabilities. The protective environment is enhanced by specialized resources within the Secret Service, including: the Airspace Security Branch; the Counter Sniper Team; the Emergency Response Team; the Counter Surveillance Unit; the Counter Assault Team; the Hazardous Agent Mitigation and Medical Emergency Response Team; and the Magnetometer Operations Unit. Other specialized resources also serve to provide protection from threats, including chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear materials and explosive devices.

Since its inception in 1865, the Secret Service was created to investigate and prevent counterfeiting. Today the agency’s investigative mission has evolved from enforcing counterfeiting laws to safeguarding the payment and financial systems of the United States from a wide range of financial and computer-based crimes. To combat these crimes, the Secret Service has adopted a proactive approach, using advanced technologies and capitalizing on the power of task force partnerships.

The U.S. Secret Service has a pivotal role in securing the nation’s critical infrastructures, specifically in the areas of cyber, banking and finance. Other directives address the need to combat transnational organized crime that targets the citizens and financial institutions of the United States. In response to the globalization of technology- based threats, the U.S. Secret Service’s investigative mission abroad is growing as well, creating the need for a heightened overseas liaison presence.

Today, multi-disciplined forensics experts, investigative experts and intelligence analysts provide rapid response and critical information in support of financial analysis, infrastructure protection and criminal investigations.

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