CJ College #1 for Online Graduate Education

#1 Online CJ Graduate Education

U.S. News & World Report ranked the College of Criminal Justice as the top in the country for Online CJ masters’ programs.

Sam Houston State University offers the best online criminal justice program for graduate education in the nation, according to the 2017 rankings released by U.S. News & World Report (USNWR).

Coming to the Rescue in Port Arthur

Stepping Up

Security Studies graduate student Adam Lee and his friend from Minnesota rescued seniors from nursing homes in Port Arthur during Hurricane Harvey.

When the media plea from the Coast Guard came for help from anyone with boats, Adam Lee from Wisconsin and Justin Bloyer from Minnesota headed to Port Arthur.

Roth’s Book Published in Croatian and Turkish

Mitchel Roth’s book on the history of crime and punishment is going global.

Real Talk w/CJ: U.S. Border Patrol

Real Talk w/CJ

Learn about the U.S. Border Patrol, which intercepts criminals, drugs and other contraband coming across the border illegally.

Real Talk w/CJ: U.S. Border Patrol
Tuesday or Thursday, Oct. 3 or 5
2 p.m.
Hazel B. Kerper Courtroom

As a Border Patrol Agent, Alberto De Leon intercepted people, drugs and other contraband coming across the border illegally using mountain bikes, surveillance vehicles, off road vehicles, and “the art of tracking,” or as agents refer to as “sign-cutting.”

Muftić Leads Special Issue of Criminal Justice Review

Guest Editor

As guest editor of Criminal Justice Review, Lisa Muftic examined the victimization of specialized populations like prostitutes, foster care youth, LGBQT students and others.

Lisa MufticLisa Muftić, associate professor in the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, served as a guest editor of Criminal Justice Review for an issue on special victim groups.

The June issue focused on the victimization of specialized populations, including youth involved in prostitution, youth living in foster care, LGBTQ students in middle and high school, female college students, and victims of continuous child sexual abuse, and examined the delivery of services and the development of policy to address these groups.

del Carmen Honors Dean Lyons with the Gift of Future Scholarships


Distinguished Professor Emeritus Rolando del Carmen donated $20,000 to the College for future scholarships in honor of Dean Phillip Lyons.

Rolando del Carmen, a Distinguished Professor Emeritus and long-time benefactor of the College of Criminal Justice, will enhance future scholarships for students at the College through a $20,000 charitable gift annuity in honor of Dean Phillip Lyons.

Arlington Police Answer the Call for Hurricane Help

Stepping Up

Kudos to Alumnus Kyle Dishko and the Arlington Police Department who helped out in Hurricane Harvey rescue efforts.

For more than a week, a team of 19 officers from the Arlington Police Department called the racquetball courts at Sam Houston State University home.

Security Studies’ Professor Witnesses Storm’s Devastation Firsthand

Research into Practice

Natalie D. Baker studied people’s reaction to disaster following Hurricane Katrina. In Hurricane Harvey, she lived it..

Natalie Baker, a new assistant professor in the Department of Security Studies, studied people’s reactions to disaster after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. During Hurricane Harvey, she experienced it firsthand.

Real Talk w/CJ: Det. Darcus Shorten, Houston Homicide Division

Real Talk w/CJ

Veteran Houston Homicide Det. Darcus Shorten will discuss her work in the division and provide tips on developing a career path to this specialty.

Real Talk w/CJ: Det. Darcus Shorten, Houston Homicide Division
Tue, Oct 17, 2017
2 – 3 pm
Hazel B. Kerper Courtroom

As a veteran detective in the Houston Police Department Homicide Division, Darcus Shorten investigated many of the city’s murder cases, including the Acres Homes serial rapist and killer.

Beto Chair Lecture: Pamela Wilcox, University of Cincinnati

Beto Chair

Pamela Wilcox of the University of Cincinnati will discuss her research on the link between crime and communities.

Photo of Dr. LyonsBeto Chair Lecture: Pamela Wilcox
School of Criminal Justice
University of Cincinnati
Oct. 20, 2017
9:30-11:00 a.m.

Pamela Wilcox, a professor of Criminal Justice and a Fellow of the Graduate School in the School of Justice at the University of Cincinnati, will present her latest research on “Communities and Crime: An Enduring American Challenge” as part of the first Beto Chair Lecture of the fall.

FBI Internships and Collegiate Hiring

FBI Recruiting

Special Agent David C. Baker of the Houston Division will be here on Sept. 13th to discuss internships and collegiate hiring at the federal agency.

Special Presentation
FBI Internships and Collegiate Hiring
Wed, Sep 13, 2017
2pm – 3pm
Hazel B. Kerper Courtroom

Special Agent David C. Baker of the FBI Houston Division will provide an information session on the bureau’s internships and collegiate hiring programs. Applications for the programs are open from Aug. 25 through October 15.

Effects of Supermax Confinement on Postrelease Recidivism and Employment

Corrections Research

A study led by H. Daniel Butler found confinement in supermax prisons have little effect on recidivism, employment and completion of post-release treatment programs.

Despite higher costs, confinement in supermax prisons appears to have a limited effect on postrelease recidivism, employment, or completion of community-based treatment programs, according to a published study.

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