Study Aboard Programs Set for 2011

CJ Students at Puyuan Police Station
SHSU Criminal Justice Student Delegation at Puyuan Police Police Substation in China.

Criminal justice students will get a chance to combine study and sightseeing during trips to China, Germany/Austria and Italy in the Spring and Summer of 2011.

Dr. Ling Ren will lead a trip to China from May 16 to May 28, which will visit Hangzhou and Shanghai to experience police colleges and police stations as well as see national landmarks, such as Putuo Mountain, Yei Fei Temple and the Shanghai Art Museum.

Also from May 16-28, Dr. Willard Oliver will guide a trip to Germany and Austria, with particular attention paid to the cities of Munich and Vienna. Students will explore the history and development of the criminal justice system and visit such sites as Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria and the Donauinsel Island Park in the Danube River.

Dr. Mitchel Roth will explore Italy from June 15-28, examining the historic and current criminal justice system in the country. The trip includes visits to Rome, Florence and Sicily, with stops at famous landmarks like the Coliseum, Vatican and Mamertine Prison.

For more information on the trips, visit the Study Abroad page on the College of Criminal Justice Web Site at www.

The annual Study Abroad programs allow students to earn three credit hours towards their degree while immersing themselves in different culture for two weeks. All students must have at least a 2.0 GPA and completed any prerequisite courses to participate.

Criminal justice students traveled to Italy and China in the Summer of 2010 to get a firsthand look at law enforcement, corrections and courts in other parts of the world.

Nine undergraduate students went to China in May 2010 to learn more about the criminal justice system in that country.

The two-week trip had a strong emphasis on law enforcement. During visits to Hangzhou, Shanghai and the surrounding areas, students visited police colleges, police stations and the equivalent of a 9-1-1 call center. They also got to interact with students and faculty from Zhejiang Police College, which offers an exchange program with SHSU College of Criminal Justice.

Students from the two colleges participated in a lively exchange in comparing law enforcement practices in China and the United States and enthusiastically shared their cultures, with SHSU performing the Texas two-step and Texas fashion show, and Chinese students demonstrating music, dancing, Kong Fu, and calligraphy.

Students also attended lectures by faculty from Zhejiang Police College on community policing in China and how China deals with its large number of its transient population.

In addition to the academic programs, students were immersed in the custom, culture and foods of China. Among the sites visited were the National Tea Museum, Linyin Temple, West Lake Area, Putuo Mountain, the Silk Market, Nang Jing Road, the Bund and Shanghai’s Oriental Pearl TV. Students also were given a VIP tour of the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, which exposed them to the culture of 12 different countries.

Led by Dr. Ling Ren, the program was part of a three hour credit course for undergraduate and graduate students. Dr. Ren will offer a similar program in the summer of 2011.

Twelve students from the College of Criminal Justice spent two weeks in Italy this summer learning about the history and current criminal justice system in that country.

From early Roman law to modern times, Dr. Willard Oliver used the spectacular backdrop in Rome and Florence to bring history to life. Among the stops on the tour were the Vatican, Castle San Angelo, the Roman Forum, the Roman Coliseum, Mamertine Prison, and the Crime Museum. The trip also featured day trips to Pisa, Venice and Lucca.

This year’s trip will have a special emphasis on sites of importance to the Mafia.

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