LAE Fraternity Captures Regional Sweepstakes

The local chapter of Lambda Alpha Epsilon brought home the Sweepstakes title from a recent regional competition of its fraternity.

It is the second year in a row that the organization has captured the top spot in Region 2, which includes seven states and 34 LAE chapters in Arkansas, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Louisiana and Oklahoma. The 23 members of the Sam Houston team captured 31 of the 74 awards at the event, which including lower and upper collegiate as well as professional categories.

"I am proud to say that the regionals team that competed in Denton did a stand up job," said SHSU LAE President Tyler Eberhart. "They represented our chapter, college and school to the very best of their abilities and earned the highest overall award, the Sweepstakes trophy, for their efforts. The most important recognition we received that weekend was not for our individual efforts but by being commended on our character throughout the competition as a whole."

Students from SHSU’s College of Criminal Justice competed in four different events, including a written test, a crime scene investigation, physical agility and firearms. The agility test were divided by age group and gender, including under 25 years old, between 25 and 35 years old and over 35 years old. Other competitions included levels for lower collegiate with two years of course credits or less, upper collegiate with more than two years of credit hours and professionals, which are members that work in law enforcement, corrections or the judiciary.

Sam Houston’s teams swept first, second and third place in physical agility as well as first place for crime scene and firearms.

The written test includes knowledge about the fraternity, criminal law, police management, corrections and juvenile justice.

In crime scene investigation, a team of three scoured a mock crime scene to gather evidence and fill our a police report.

During the physical agility test, participants were put through the obstacle course that serves as the entrance test for the Lewisville Police Department.

In firearms, participants used handguns to shoot at static targets a seven, 15 and 25 yards.

The Sam Houston team had 23 student, including four pledges and 19 members. Lambda Alpha Epsilon, also known as The American Criminal Justice Association, is a national organization of criminal justice students, academics, and professionals with membership in over three quarters of the states in the nation.

Following is a list of students who placed in the competitions.

Emily Jaso- 1st crime scene upper, 3rd LAE knowledge lower
Jessica Klekar- 1st crime scene upper
Travis Hill- 1st crime scene upper
Jennifer Cambra- 1st LAE knowledge upper, 1st criminal law upper, 1st corrections upper, 3rd police management upper, 2nd physical agility, 2nd crime scene professional
Mark Mannino- 2nd crime scene professional
Sultana Jiron- 1st crime scene lower
Miguel Garcia- 1st crime scene lower, 3rd juvenile law lower, 3rd criminal law
Corey Evans- 1st crime scene professional, 1st team firearms lower, 1st corrections test lower, 2nd LAE knowledge lower
Diana Mejia-2nd criminal law, 2nd police management, 2nd corrections lower
Kayla Smith-3rd criminal law upper, 3rd crime scene lower
Kristen Roatch- 3rd juvenile justice upper, 3rd crime scene lower
Katy Koster- 3rd crime scene lower
Grant Turner- 3rd place physical agility, 2nd corrections upper
Amber Meadows- 3rd place police management lower
Jessica Del Aguila- 3rd place physical agility, 2nd place Crime scene lower
Jamie Baker- 1st physical agility mens
Aerial Ronell- 1st crime scene professional
Ryan Beech- 1st firearms team lower, 2nd crime scene lower
Tyler Eberhart- 1st crime scene professional, 1st firearms individual lower, 1st firearms team, 2nd physical agility
Zachary Zachary-2nd crime scene lower

Member of The Texas State University System