Society of Forensic Science -- Prison Tour

Society of Forensic Science

Thur, Nov. 4, 3:30 p.m.
Walls Prison Unit
815 12th St.
Huntsville, Texas 77320-3320
(936) 291-4200

If you are able to go, please respond to and let me know; we need a head count. We have to be at the reception window in the main entrance of the prison no later than 3:30pm, and anyone who arrives after the group goes through the main door by the reception window into the prison will not be let in.

Below is the list of prison rules that must be followed. Easiest thing to do: Leave everything in the car except photo ID (and of course the drivers will have car keys. Let me know if you have any questions.

Rules for visiting prison facilities

  • Must have photo identification
  • Must not have pocketbooks, purses or wallets
  • Must not wear jewelry
  • May not have more than $20 in cash
  • May not have cameras, pagers, cell phones, IPods, video cameras, tape or any other type of electronics
  • May not have weapons of any kind
  • May not have tobacco products of any kind or cigarette lighters
  • May not wear inappropriate clothing including shorts, sandals, or open-toe shoes, hats, low-cut shirts, shirts with offensive messages or the like
  • May not wear clothing that displays beer/alcohol logos
  • May not wear white shirt and white pants combinations (this is what the inmates wear
  • May be subject to a mental detector search (wand) and/or a pat-down by officer of the same sex
  • May be asked to remove their shoes and/or belts
  • Should be respectful of all rules an ay instructions given by prison officials

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