CMIT Hits the Road with Certification Courses

The Correctional Management Institute of Texas (CMIT) is teaming up with the Texas Jail Association to deliver advanced certification classes to detention officers who want to progress in their careers at sites across the state.

The program begins this winter with a suicide detection and prevention class, a state-mandated course needed for Intermediate level certification. The eight-hour course, taught by local trainers, provides the basics of suicide prevention in correctional settings. CMIT also hopes to deliver other mandated training courses in the future.

“Many Sheriff Offices around the state of Texas do not have money in their training budget to send detention officers to our conferences,” said Sharese Hurst. “These regional trainings allow the officers to receive training at little or no cost to their agency. In addition, if the department is facing staffing issues, it is much easier for them to be away from the office one day versus two or more days. Having limited time away from the office is an advantage to both the Sheriff’s Office and the officer personally if they have a family. The officers who are offered the opportunity to attend our regional trainings will not only receive valuable knowledge, but they also can excel in their career when they receive the Intermediate TCLEOSE license. “

The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education offers proficiency certificates for jailers, ranging from basic to master levels. A basic certificate requires one year of jailer experience and successful completion of the basic course. To be eligible to receive intermediate certification, jailers must have a basic certificate, at least one year of service, and additional training hours.

In 2013, CMIT and TJA will offer the eight-hour course for free at eight locations across the state, including:

  • The Brazos County Detention Center in Bryan on February 5th, 7th, 11th, and 14th;
  • The Stephen Center Library in San Angelo on February 11th;
  • The Travis County Ruiz Building Community Room in Austin on February 13th and 15th;
  • The Henderson County Sheriff’s Office in Athens on March 5th;
  • The Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office on March 19th and 21st;
  • The Jones County Law Enforcement Center in Anson on April 19th;
  • The Lynn County “The Center” Tahoka Houston Authority in Tahoka on April 23rd; and,
  • The Randall County Detention Center in Amarillo on April 25th.

In the near future, CMIT expects to add additional class offerings, including Use of Force, Interpersonal Communications, and several others. CMIT also will consider teaching additional courses if a specific request is received from a Sheriff’s Office.

For more information, contact Jason Schwarz, (936) 294-1668, or Sharese Hurst, (936) 294-1687.

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