STAFS Offers Trainings for High School Teachers

Teachers experiment with bloodstain transfer from hands and weapons.Jan. 24-25
Beto Criminal Justice Center

The Southeast Texas Applied Forensic Science Facility is offering two workshops on blood spatter and thread pattern evidence for high school teachers in forensic science and criminal justice.

The Blood Spatter Training will discuss how blood stain pattern and analysis are used in forensic science. It includes hands-on experiences that can be applied in a classroom setting, such as calculating impact angle to determine the blood's point of origin. The cost of the class is $250 if paid by Jan. 15.

Two teachers practice casting a footprint.The Tread Patterns Training will help teachers learn how to recognize, document and recover tread pattern evidence. It also will provide hands-on experiences, which can be used in the classroom. The cost of the class is $250 if paid by Jan. 15.

Class sizes are limited to 16. Although the classes will be held simultaneously, they can't be taken together.

For course information, please contact Dr. Joan Bytheway at (936) 294-4814 or at For administrative questions, contact Tammy Winkler at (936) 294-1674 or at

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