Real Talk w/CJ: Security Experts Ron Plesco & Charles Andrews

Thu Mar 21, 2013
2:00 pm - 3:00pm
Criminal Justice Center, Upper Auditorium

Two security experts from private industry will discuss criminal justice career options in corporate America and government institutions during the Real Talk w/CJ on March 21 in the Criminal Justice Center Auditorium.

Ron Plesco, Managing Director of KPMG's Advisory Risk Consulting Services, is a nationally known information security and privacy attorney with experience in information assurances/privacy, identity management, computer crime and emerging cyber threats, and technology solutions. Charles Andrews, a Certified Protection Professional (BS ’85), is Director of Security & Investigations at First Data Corp., USA Telecheck, the world’s largest third-party financial payment company based in Houston.

Plesco is the Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder of the National Cyber-Forensics & Training Alliance, which brings together local, state and federal/international law enforcement and intel entities, private companies and academia to collaborate and develop intelligence on cybercrime. During his four-year tenure, intelligence developed by the alliance led to more than 400 worldwide cybercrime arrests and prevented more than $1 billion in fraud.

Ron Plesco
Ron Plesco
Plesco also founded and served as the Director of the SRA (SRX) Privacy/Information Assurance Division, where he led the U.S. Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology Border Security, the Transportation Security Administration Secure Flight Program, and the Department of Homeland Security (DHA) Privacy Office contracts in addition to being the Program Manager for the development of the SRA team at the DHS National Cyber Security Division/ U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team. He also served as Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge’s Director of Public Safety Policy and was the Chair for the Cyber Attacks Committee for the PA Homeland Security Council after the Sept. 11th attacks.
Plesco has appeared on the CBS Evening News, CNBC and 60 Minutes and was named the winner of Security Magazine’s Most Influential People in Securities in 2010.

Charles Andrews
Charles Andrews
Andrews works with thousands of law enforcement agencies and loss prevention personnel in the investigation of fraud cases involving checks and financial transactions. The majority of his work focuses on organized crime, which often comes from manipulated account numbers, combined with identify theft via computer to purchase goods and convert it to cash for personal or organizational ill gotten gains. He also does internal investigations in the heavily regulated industry for violations of the law or violations of corporate policy.

Andrews began his career in law enforcement as a Law Enforcement Explorer at the age of 13 and earned his commission as a peace officer at the age of 19.

After successful careers as a police officer in Colorado and Texas, where he attained the position of Police Chief, he joined The Dow Chemical Company to learn more about running a business and got a second degree in Chemical Processing. After initially taking a position of Vice President of Corporate Security and Operations at another $100 million finance and retail company to sharpen his business acumen skills, he landed the job at First Data Corp - TeleCheck. While at FDC-TeleCheck, Andrews finished his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering in Security Executive Management at the University of Houston-Downtown.

Photo of a credit card with a lock on a laptop keyboard.Andrews’ background has included roles as the law enforcement advisor to the Fox Television show COPS and being selected internationally on the 1996 Olympic Security Team in Atlanta, GA. Finally, he is one of the youngest people to be named International Crime Prevention Officer of the year during his tenure as Director of Crime Prevention for the Lafayette, CO Police Department. While a CJ student at SHSU, he was also the first recipient of the Dietrich Cross Memorial Scholarship from the United States Secret Service and also from the Sheriffs Association of Texas.

Currently, Andrews is the Regional Vice President for ASIS International, overseeing Region 3C (State of Texas). To learn more about ASIS, watch his video “Get Involved” Video posted globally on the ASIS International website.

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