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The Correctional Management Institute of Texas is expanding its research capacity with the additions of its first research associate and a cadre of faculty and graduate students that specialize in the field.

Dr. Jeff Bouffard
Dr. Jeff Bouffard
The Research Division of CMIT, a continuing education program for professionals in corrections in Texas and across the country, will be led by Dr. Jeffrey Bouffard of Sam Houston State University. Dr. Bouffard specializes in community corrections, offender rehabilitation and specialty courts. He is currently working with Montgomery County on an evaluation of their new mental health court and managed assigned counsel for offenders with mental health issues.

“We are expanding our capacity for research, and we want to let agencies know that we are available to assist them with their projects and programs,” said Dr. Bouffard.

Dr. Gaylene Armstrong
Dr. Gaylene Armstrong
CMIT also hired Elizabeth Berger to serve as the research associate for the agency. In addition to assisting with day-to-day data collection and analysis of ongoing research by faculty, Berger will be available to help practitioners with their research needs and to share information with agencies via short research briefs. Berger received her Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration from Niagara University in New York, where she served as administrative and research assistant to the Criminal Justice Department and completed internships with a drug treatment court and in a police intelligence unit.

Dr. Travis Franklin
Dr. Travis Franklin
CMIT also will tap the expertise of the growing faculty at the College of Criminal Justice to assist correctional-based agencies with their individual needs. The Research Division engages in program evaluation and related research to advance evidence-based practices, inform policies and practices, disseminate knowledge in the field, and assist with educational opportunities for students.

Dr. Lisa Muftic
Dr. Lisa Muftic
Among the faculty available and their areas of expertise are:

  • Dr. Gaylene Armstrong: program evaluation, adult and juvenile offenders, specialty courts
  • Dr. Travis Franklin, institutional corrections, correctional violence, and sentencing disparities
  • Dr. Howard Henderson: corrections, correctional management; juvenile delinquency/justice; offender risk needs assessment; race/minority issues
  • Dr. Lisa Muftic, program evaluation, alternative sanctions, victims and offenders.
  • Dr. Howard Henderson Dr. Howard Henderson

  • Dr. Erin Orrick, contemporary correctional issues, prisoner reentry, recidivism, criminal careers, and criminal justice policy.

The faculty also have graduate assistants to aid in research projects.

In addition to providing research and technical assistance to correctional agencies, CMIT offers ongoing leadership and professional development programs for county corrections, mid-management supervisors, probation, specialized populations and issues, and national and international corrections groups. It also serves as the Secretariat for major organizations in the field, including Association of Parole Authorities Dr. Erin Orrick
Dr. Erin Orrick
International, National Association of Probation Executives, National Juvenile Court Services Association, Texas Association for Court Administration, Texas Association of Drug Court Professionals, Texas Jail Association, and Texas Probation Association.

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