Alumnus Rounds Out Police Career in Webster

Alumnus James “Rusty” Lovel (MS ’12) is getting well-rounded experience in various positions at the Webster Police Department, hoping one day to use all his skills to become a police chief.

Professor Investigates Parent-Child Visitation in Prison

It’s not “cupcakes and lollipops” for most children who visit a parent in prison, with two-thirds reported to have negative experiences including fear, anger, anxiety, and related reactions, according to a study funded by the National Institute of Justice by Dr. Melinda Tasca of Sam Houston State University.

CJ College Produces Third Journal on School Violence

A third journal – this one on school violence -- will be co-produced by faculty at the College of Criminal Justice, adding to the number of peer-reviewed publications on qualitative criminology and psychology in criminal justice already edited by professors at the institution.

Intern Wants to Protect and Serve His Community

From a young age Cirilo Portales was always taught to give back to his community, and now that he has graduated from Sam Houston State University he wants to do this by becoming a police officer for the City of Rosenberg.

Forensic Classes Offered to Teachers Over Summer


The Institute sponsored training for middle and high school teachers in forensic science over the summer.

Middle and high school teachers will get hands-on experience in forensic science this summer, whether they are interested in working with their students in the laboratory or at a mock crime scene.

Parole and Probation Officers Get Lessons in Impaired Driving

Despite ongoing flooding in Texas, approximately 40 adult and juvenile probation officers braved storms to attend the newest training offered by the Impaired Driving Initiatives on how to detect drug and alcohol impairment among their clients, families and friends in an effort to keep Texas roads safer.

More Than 300 Graduate CJ College in Spring

Hundreds of students graduated from the College of Criminal Justice on May 9, including five doctoral students who earned Ph.D. degrees.

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