College Adds Five Ph.D.s and More than 40 Masters’ Graduates

Nearly 200 students graduated from the College of Criminal Justice in August, including five new Ph.D.s and approximately 46 with masters’ degrees.

Logos for STAFSAmong the new Ph.D. graduates are Drs. Seth Wyatt Fallik, Yi-Fen Lu, Narin Phetthong, Hee Sub Shim, and Jeanne Marie Subjack. The masters’ graduates included 26 Masters of Science in Criminal Justice Leadership and Management, both from the online and the intensive weekend programs; seven Masters of Science in Victim Services Management, five Masters of Arts in Criminal Justice and Criminology, and three Masters of Science in Criminal Justice.

Dr. Fallik’s dissertation was “Criminal Investigations: If, When, and to What Extent does Detective Effort Impact Case Outcomes?” The chair of his committee was Dr. Larry T. Hoover with committee members Drs. William Wells and William R. King. Dr. Fallik is an Assistant Professor at Florida Atlantic University.

Dr. Lu’s dissertation was “The Interplay of Genes and Age-Graded Social Control in Predicting Offending Behavior: A Molecular Genetic Approach.” Dr. Lu’s committee was chaired by Dr. Scott W. Menard, with committee members Drs. Dennis R. Longmire, Danielle Boisvert, and Brian Boutwell.

Dr. Phetthong did his dissertation on “A Study of Personality, Organizational Factors and Job Satisfaction among Thailand Immigration Police Officer,” guided by his chair, Dr. Hoover and committee members Dr. Jihong (Solomon) Zhao and Yan Zhang.

Dr. Shim’s dissertation was “A Longitudinal Study on Juvenile Attitudes toward the Police: Instrumental and Expressive Perspectives,” His committee also was composed of Dr. Hoover as chair with committee members Drs. Jihong (Solomon) Zhao and Yan Zhang.

Dr. Subjack wrote her dissertation on “Social Construction of Child Sexual Abuse: Age Proximity of Victims and Offenders and the Relationship to Offending.” Her committee was chaired by Dr. Raymond H.C. Teske, Jr. and included members Drs. Menard and Victoria B. Titterington.

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