Impaired Driving Instructor Earns National Recognition

Retired Lt. Dan Webb of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) was one of the first officers in the state certified in sobriety field testing and as a drug recognition expert (DRE). Last month, he was named the latest DRE Emeritus for the honor and integrity he brought to the nationwide program.

CMIT Adds New Secretariat Organization, Staff

The Correctional Management Institute of Texas added a new secretariat post, expanding its diversity in serving the correctional field, as well as new staff members to address the growing need for training professionals in prisons, jails, community corrections, probation and parole.

Recent Publications -- Fall 2015

Here is a list of publications recently produced by faculty, students and alumni of Sam Houston State University, College of Criminal Justice.

Dr. Muftic Co-Authors Victimology Textbook

“What I especially like about the book is that it integrates hot topics with cutting edge research making it more palatable for students,” said Dr. Muftić, who collaborated with Dr. Leah E. Daigle of Georgia State University on the textbook. “Within each chapter we incorporated issues that made recent headlines with a focus on research. It’s not so much about telling stories, but about using science, and the scientific method, to expand on our understanding of victims and victimization.”

Victimology introduces students to the causes and consequences of victimization; how the criminal justice system accommodates and assists victims; and how other elements of society, such as the media, deal with crime victims. The book examines the extent of victimization in society and the theories involved in the study of victimology.

In addition to examining victims’ rights and remedies, the book explores various types of victimization, including homicide, sexual assault, intimate partner violence and special populations, such as people with mental illness. It also looks at emerging topics in victimization, including terrorism, hate crimes, human trafficking, and the overlap between victims and offenders.

Because of Dr. Muftić’s extensive experience conducting research abroad, a chapter on comparative victimology is included. Furthermore, each chapter highlights an international issue giving students the experience of exploring the issues and challenges victims face in other countries.

The book also highlights stories and studies from Sam Houston State University. A chapter on homicide victimization highlights the story of Justin Lopez, a SHSU kinesiology student whose mother was murdered by an ex-boyfriend in a domestic violence incident. Justin Lopez and his sister, Porsha, who witnessed the shooting, founded Angie’s Awareness Angels, an advocacy group against domestic violence.

The book also profiles research by Drs. Leana Bouffard, a faculty member at the College, and Maria Koeppel, a Ph.D. graduate, on the short and long term health effects of repeated bullying on victims. The study found that those who experience chronic bullying before age 12 were likely to suffer from mental health issues, including homelessness, or to be in poor or fair health as they become young adults. That study was published by Justice Quarterly in 2014.

Finally, Dr. Muftić acknowledges several Sam Houston State University students who provided assistance with the book, including Dr. Jonathon Grubb (Ph.D. graduate), Molly Smith, Ashley Boillot-Fansher, Michael Candler, Susan Hoppe and Laura Taylor.

“Daigle and Muftić have crafted an excellent resource for students and professionals alike to learn about the ‘big picture’ as well as the more detailed problems and solutions surrounding victimology,” said Dr. Kate Fox, a former SHSU faculty member who is a professor at Arizona State University. “This book is approachable, digestible and leaves the reader with a comprehensive understanding of the state of victimology—and the key areas that will increasingly become important in the future.”

Beto Chair Lecture: Dr. Wayne Osgood

Fri, Oct 2, 2015
9:30 a.m.
CJ Courtroom

Dr. Wayne Osgood, a Professor of Criminology and Sociology at Pennsylvania State University, will discuss “Contributions of Friendship Networks to the Diffusion and Prevention of Delinquency and Substance Use” at the Beto Chair Lecture for the fall semester.

College Honors Memory of Slain Officer with Scholarship

The College of Criminal Justice at Sam Houston State University established a scholarship fund in memory of Deputy Darren Goforth of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, who was brutally murdered in the line of duty, to help criminal justice majors pursue future careers in law enforcement.

Alumni Update

Col Hameed Ibrahim Ali (Rtd) (MS ’88) was appointed Comptroller-General of the Nigerian Customs Service. The national organization has the dual role of ensuring speedy delivery of international goods while maintaining systematic and effective intervention to control economic crime, money laundering, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, intellectual property rights, and disposal of toxic and hazardous waste.

The College Provides a Center for Lifelong Learning

The Criminal Justice Center at Sam Houston State University offers a lifetime of learning opportunities for individuals who want to begin or advance in careers in criminal justice in the fields of law enforcement, victim services, forensic science and security studies.

Adding New Tools to Fight Environmental Crimes

Several new classes have been added to Project EnCriPT, a new initiative at the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT) to help law enforcement officers, firefighters, code enforcers, and sanitarians fight environmental crime.

Voices Lecture Series: Justin Lopez, Angie's Awareness Angels

Angie’s Awareness Angels
Oct. 15, 2015
2 p.m.
CJ Courtroom

This year, Justin Lopez will create new memories for the date his mother was murdered It will be the day he learns the sex of his firstborn child. “It sent chills up my spine,” said Lopez.

Logos for STAFSOn Sept. 15, 2012, Angela Renee Fontenot Lopez, was killed by her ex-boyfriend in front of his then 12-year old sister, Porsha. In the wake of his mother’s death, Lopez founded Angie’s Awareness Angels to raise awareness about domestic violence and funds for women’s shelters to prevent this horrible tragedy from happening again.

Applying Skills to Crime Scene Investigations

After nearly 20 years of processing hundreds of crime scenes across Oklahoma and in parts of Texas, Alumnus Jim Stokes and his former colleague wondered if there were more efficient and effective ways to collect evidence at a crime scene and to document the process for the criminal justice system.

Ballistics Imaging Systems Effective with Good Management

During a homicide epidemic in Trinidad and Tobago driven mainly by guns, the developing country had forensic ballistics imaging technology, but faced problems effectively using it to solve crimes, according to a study at Sam Houston State University.

Protecting Courts in Texas

The Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas recently held its first training to help certify court security specialists who protect courtrooms and courthouses as well as high security or high profile trials.

Chiefs Set Agenda to Address Emerging Issues

With controversial suspect deaths and public protests in Ferguson, MO. and New York fresh in their minds, Texas Police Chiefs representing municipal, school, and college/university law enforcement set a biennial training agenda for top law enforcement officers for Texas agencies.

Finding a Pathway to a Federal Career

As a retired military veteran with 20 years of experience, Josh Lynch came to Sam Houston State University for a college degree to open doors to federal law enforcement positions. Lynch earned his bachelor’s degree in just 20 months, which included an internship with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Enforcement Removal Operations (ERO) in Houston, Texas.

College Welcomes Three New Faculty Members

The College of Criminal Justice added three new faculty members in the fall, Dr. Brandy Blasko in Criminal Justice and Criminology, Dr. Patrick Buzzini in Forensic Science and Dr. Sparks Veasey III, who will split his time between the two departments.

Study Finds Post-it Notes Deliver Returns

A Post-it note can go a long way to getting colleagues and students to respond to a survey, according to a recent study at Sam Houston State University.

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