Call for Papers for International Conference at SHSU

This summer, the College of Criminal Justice will host an international conference, and students and faculty are invited to submit papers for consideration.

The Asian Association of Police Studies (AAPS) will hold its 2016 Annual Conference at the George J. Beto Criminal Justice Center at Sam Houston State University from July 6-9. The AAPS is an international organization embracing scholarly, scientific, practical and professional knowledge concerning policing and crime control, including the evaluation and development of police systems and activities, legislation and practice of criminal law, as well as the law enforcement, judicial and correctional systems based on comparative perspectives.

The conference will focus on “The Global Governance of Policing: Police, Societies, and Markets.” The organization is seeking research papers on Policing Metropolis; Police Operational Strategies; Police and Community; Innovations of Police Strategy; Police Accountability; Policing Cooperation; Police and Technology; Police Training; Criminal Investigation; and Criminal Justice Issues.

Abstracts for papers are due by Friday, April 30, with full papers and Powerpoints required by June 10. Submissions can be emailed to
To register for the conference, follow this link.

The president of the AAPS is Guoliang Fu, who serves as the head of Zhejiang Police College in China. The College of Criminal Justice offers a dual degree program with the Chinese college and hosts Chinese police cadets at Sam Houston State University annually as part of the program.

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