Research Reveals Restorative Justice Reduces Recidivism


A study by Dr. Jeffrey Bouffard found restorative justice programs are more effective in reducing recidivism than traditional court processing.

Photo of Dr. LyonsRestorative justice programs, such victim-offender mediation and community impact panels, are more effective in reducing recidivism rates among juvenile offenders than traditional court processing, a study by researchers at Sam Houston State University found.

Asian Policing Conference Returns to Huntsville

International Conference

The College hosted the annual Asian Association of Police Studies conference , which featured the latest research on policing issues in Asian nations.

This summer, the College of Criminal Justice hosted the 16th Annual Conference of the Asian Association of Police Studies (AAPS), an international organization that advances scientific, practical, and professional knowledge concerning policing and crime control.

Study Explores Honor Crimes in the U.S.

Most so-called honor crimes in the U.S. occurred during the process of separation or because the victim had become too westernized, according to new research.

Education is Key to Success in Jails


Wayne Dicky, Jail Administrator in Brazos County, was named President of the American Jail Association.

Photo of Wayne DickeyAs the new President of the American Jail Association, Alumnus Wayne Dicky continues to stress the importance of ongoing education for jail professionals.

Forensic Science and Psychology Students Get Their Day in Court

Forensics and Law

Forensic science students got a lesson in providing testimony in the Hazel B. Kerper Courtroom.

Photo of Dr. Gaylene ArmstrongForensic science students had the opportunity to testify in moot court about their expanding expertise in the field.

Growing Up Trooper

Alumni News

Luke Scamardo ('15) achieved his dream of becoming a state trooper after graduating from DPS Academy..

Photo of Luke Anthony Scamardo Jr.When he was five, Luke Anthony Scamardo Jr.’s grandmother sewed him a uniform that looked just like his uncle Chris Clark, a Department of Public Safety (DPS) trooper. He even sported a handmade utility belt with a pair of handcuffs donated by his mentor.

Twenty years later, Clark, now a Texas Ranger Lieutenant, pinned a badge on his nephew after he graduated from the DPS Academy. On July 9, Scamardo heads to his first assignment in Rio Grande along the Texas/Mexican border.
“I am looking forward to getting out on the road and putting my training to good use to help people,” said Scamardo, now a strapping young man of 6’8”, who towers over his uncle and his classmates.

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