Fellowships Pave Way to Research in Forensics, CJ

Three doctoral students in the College of Criminal Justice received fellowships to pursue research in their fields.

A Father/Son Reunion at the CJ Center

Cody Leach is literally following in his father’s footstep in the College of Criminal Justice, using a part-time position at the Criminal Justice Center to make valuable contacts for his career.

Training New Law Enforcement Recruits

Since its creation in 2004, 100 percent of the graduates of the Police Academy at McLennan Community College in Waco have passed the state test to become certified peace officers in Texas on their first try.

Real Talk w/CJ: U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command

Real Talk with CJ

Learn about a career in Crime Scene Investigation in the U.S. Army and how to start right after graduation

Tue, Oct. 18, 2016
CJ Courtroom

In the U.S. Army, special agents in the Criminal Investigation Command, commonly referred to as CID, serve as detectives and crime scene investigators on felony-level crimes related to the U.S. Army.

Same-Sex Couples Face Higher Abuse Rates, Fewer Services

The prevalence of intimate partner violence (IPV) is higher among sexual minority men and women (lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender and queer) than rates reported for heterosexuals, but there are fewer resources dedicated to the unique needs of these populations, according to a review published recently by the Crime Victims’ Institute.

Be a Voice for Victims

Victim Studies Career Fair

Become a voice for victims and find a job at the Victim Studies Career Fair on Nov. 3 in the CJ Lobby.

Victim Studies Career Fair
Thu, Nov 3

10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
CJ Lobby

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