LEMIT Launches Fire Marshals Program

The Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT) is partnering with the Texas Fire Marshals’ Association (TFMA) to provide the first executive development program for the discipline in the nation.

Officials Design Model Mental Health Training for Detention Officers

The Correctional Management Institute of Texas (CMIT) at Sam Houston State University (SHSU) hosted a group representing county jails, mental health professionals, and federal partners to develop a model training initiative for jail detention officers in the State of Texas to address better mental health issues in their facilities.

LEMIT’s Bowden Enlisted to Protect the President

Rebecca Bowden’s first trip to Washington, D.C. was to serve on the protection detail for President Donald Trump along the parade route during his Inauguration as the country’s 45th President.

Honor Students Inducted in Security Society

The Order of the Sword and Shield inducted its second cohort of Security Studies students into the national honor society for those pursuing careers in the homeland security field.

Study Examines Race in Access to Early Release Credits in Federal Prisons

Associate Professor Travis Franklin examines race/ethnicity in "good time" federal benefits.

Latinos and Native Americans were more likely to be denied access to “good time” benefits during their incarcerations in federal prisons when compared with White and African American offenders, and Asian inmates fared better than all groups in obtaining access to these benefits, according to a study by researchers at Sam Houston State University.

SHSU Ranks #1 for CJ Faculty Publications

Faculty in the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology at Sam Houston State University are the most productive scholars in the field, authoring nearly 300 peer-reviewed articles between 2010 and 2014, according to a recent study.

Getting a Bird’s Eye View of Police Work

Dana Barger got a round-the-clock look at policing during her internship with the Irving Police Department.

Tracking Evidence at the Montgomery County Crime Lab

Taylor Robinson served in the hub of crime scene investigations (CSI) during her internship with the Montgomery County Crime Lab – in the Evidence and Property Room.

Taiwanese Delegation Gets Inside Look at Texas Prisons

The College of Criminal Justice recently hosted a delegation of correctional experts and scholars from Taiwan who wanted to learn more about management practices and innovative programs at Texas state prisons.

Forensic Science Faculty Appointed to Texas Commission

Sarah Kerrigan and Sheree Hughes-Stamm were appointed by Governor Gregg Abbott to serve on the Texas Forensic Science Commission (TFSC), a statewide body which accredits crime labs and investigates complaints of professional negligence or misconduct in forensic science.

Dr. Oliver Presents Policing in America

Dr. Willard Oliver recently penned a new policing textbook to provide a primer on theory and practices in the field and to promote a better understanding of issues facing contemporary agencies.

Real Talk w/CJ: U.S. Secret Service Agent Corbin Rowe

Real Talk

Special Agent Corbin Rowe of the U.S. Secret Service will discuss his 20-year career with the federal agency.

Real Talk w/CJ: Special Agent Corbin Rowe, U.S. Secret Service
Wed, Feb 8, 2016
2:00 pm
Hazel B. Kerper Courtroom

Corbin Rowe has served as a Special Agent with the U.S. Secret Service for 20 years.
As a Special Agent in Salt Lake City, UT, Boise, ID, and Cheyenne, WY, Rowe was responsible for protecting dignitaries, investigating and preventing counterfeit currency, and safeguarding the payment and financial system of the U.S. from financial and computer-based crimes. He now serves as a recruiter for the Houston office.

Building and Strengthening Bridges Between Academics and Practice

Dr. Dennis Longmire was appointed Director of Practice Development to strengthen existing bridges between academics at the College and agencies in the field in Texas and around the world and develop new ones to help enhance the relationship between theory, research, and practice.

CVI Releases Report on Victimization in Texas

The Crime Victims’ Institute (CVI) released a summary of key indicators of victimization in Texas, which reflects changes in reported incidents, service utilization, and offender accountability over the last five years.

Real Talk w/CJ: Special Agent Corbin Rowe, U.S. Secret Service

Wed, Feb 8, 2016
2:00 pm
Hazel B. Kerper Courtroom

Alumnus Donates Memorabilia from Branch-Davidian Siege

Former McLennan County Sheriff Larry Lynch still vividly remembers the fire that rocked the Branch-Davidian compound outside Waco after a 51-day siege, which resulted in the death of Leader David Koresh and 82 followers as well as four agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) in 1993.

23/7: Pelican Bay Prison and the Rise of Long-Term Solitary Confinement

Solitary Confinement

Keramet Reiter of the University of California, Irvine will discuss the growth of solitary confinement in prisons at a special presentation on Feb. 6.
Mon, Feb 6, 2017
Hazel B. Kerper Courtroom

Photo of Professor Keramet ReiterPelican Bay Prison in California was designed as one of the first “supermax” facilities in response to a perceived risk of black radicalism in the 1970s. Extreme conditions sparked statewide hunger strikes in 2011 and 2013 involving up to 30,000 inmates, which led to a rise in the use of solitary confinement.

King Elected to National Policing Panel

William King was elected as an Executive Counselor for the Division of Policing at the American Society of Criminology, increasing the visibility of the College of Criminal Justice on the national stage.

Keeping the Bridgewood Farms Community Safe and Secure

Students from the Department of Security Studies at Sam Houston State University will help keep clients at Bridgewood Farms safe and secure on their sprawling 53-acre campus in northern Montgomery County.

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