Study Examines Death Penalty Support in Mexico

Mexican flag


A study by Ph.D. Student Alexander H. Updegrove and Assistant Professor Erin Orrick examined public support for the death penalty in Mexico.

In sharp contrast to previous studies of public support for the death penalty conducted in the U.S., Catholics in Mexico were found to be more likely to support capital punishment, whereas older Mexicans and those living in states that bordered the U.S. were less likely to support the death penalty, according to researchers at Sam Houston State University.

Looking for a Career? Ask Carol Adams-Shearer

Carole Adams-shearer

Career Counselor

Meet Career Counselor Carol Adams-Shearer, who can help criminal justice students prepare for the job market.

Carol Adams-Shearer has had many careers packed into one, and she plans to use her diverse experience to help students at Sam Houston State University (SHSU) land their dream jobs.

Ph.D. Graduate Continues Sexual Assault Research in Kentucky

Bradley Campbell


Alumnus Bradley Campbell is using lessons learned at SHSU in a major statewide study on untested sexual assault kits in Kentucky.

A Ph.D. graduate from Sam Houston State University is using skills he learned while at SHSU to lead one of the first statewide studies to examine a backlog of untested rape kits in Kentucky.

College Expands International Program Initiatives

Beto Lecture

Edward R. Maguire from Arizona State University will present “New Directions in Procedural Justice Research” on April 13.

The Office of International Programs at the College of Criminal Justices continues to forge new relationships across the globe for research and practice in the criminal justice field.

Oliver Receives Accolades from Criminal Justice Organizations


Willard Oliver was recognized for his outstanding service to the field by ACJS and SWACJ.

Willard Oliver, a professor in the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, received two awards from professional organizations in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field and preservation of the history of the associations.

Euless Seeking Future Police Officers at SHSU

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The Euless Police Department is coming to SHSU to administer its written and physical test for police officers.

The Euless Police Department is coming to Sam Houston State University to offer the written and physical tests for those interested in serving as police officers in the community.

Major Biosocial Project Underway at SHSU


Danielle Boisvert, director of Graduate Studies, is collaborating on a major biosocial study on criminal behavior and substance abuse.

What do heart rate, facial symmetry, DNA, finger measurements, reaction to stress, and hormones have to do with aggression, criminal behavior, and substance abuse?

CJ Career Week Helps in Job Hunt

Career Fair Logo

CJ Career Week

Get ready for to meet more than 50 potential employers at this year’s Career Fair by attending sessions to help you prepare for the job hunt.

More than 50 employers in policing, corrections, victim services, and homeland security as well as several law schools will converge on the Lowman Student Center Ballroom on March 1 to offer career and internship options for students.

Last year, nearly nine out of 10 employers at the CJ Career Fair said they plan to interview candidates from Sam Houston State University for jobs. To help prepare for those opportunities, the College is offering a series of events during CJ Career Week to put your best foot forward.

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