New Faculty Announced for Fall

Three new faculty members will join the College of Criminal Justice in the fall, adding to its expertise in biosocial criminology, corrections, and emergency preparedness.

CJ Alumnus Heads Arkansas State Flagship Campus


Kelly Damphousse is the first CJ alumnus to lead a college campus in his position as chancellor of Arkansas State University in Jonesboro.

Alumnus Kelly R. Damphousse started his career wanting to be a Royal Canadian Mounted Officer or a goalie in the National Hockey League. Instead, he climbed to new heights as Chancellor of the flagship institution of the Arkansas State University System.

Intern Shadows Parole Officers in the Field

This summer, Kaitlin Ehrhart shadowed parole officers as they visited with clients returning from prison to their communities in Grimes, Leon, Madison, Polk, Trinity, Walker and parts of Houston counties in Texas.

Study Helps Local Police Agencies Improve Investigations of Violent Crimes

Results of a study of ballistics imaging by crime labs, first published in 2013, have already led to improvements in how labs and police agencies process and use information about violent gun crime.

Forensic Science Investigates New Sleep Aid of Toxicological Interest

The Department of Forensic Science at Sam Houston State University recently published research that could help identify a new legal sleep aid in criminal and death investigations.

Inside Australia's First Body Farm

By Grace Tobin

We're used to covering a variety of stories at 60 MINUTES – from the wonderful to the weird. But visiting a place known as the Body Farm has got to be one the strangest assignments yet for reporter Peter Stefanovic, producer Grace Tobin and crew Mark Munro and Micky Breen. It’s a place where scientists are giving the dead a voice from the grave and it's helping solve some of the world’s grisliest murders.

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